Reflections on Seattle

I was fortunate to get to celebrate my friend, and friendships, in Seattle last weekend. It was a short trip arranged by my close friend’s wife.  When asked to go I jumped at the opportunity.  Any time I can garner time and experiences with these two fine fellas is worth any amount of $$ or energy.  Every single time I get together with these folks … Continue reading Reflections on Seattle

Iceland – First 10 Images

I have spent the last several hours processing images from my recent winter wonderland, Ring Road tour of Iceland  I’ll be honest, I did not think I was going to get good images considering that on day two, my main camera decided to stop working (later resolved and story to come).  But I got some images I really love. These images aren’t exactly the traditional … Continue reading Iceland – First 10 Images

And Just Like That….It’s Gone!

After writing “A Good Start and a Focused Month”, my creativity and vision just disappeared. Just like the bird in the opening picture, in an instant it disappeared.  In all honesty, I pretty much set the camera down and tried my best to just get out side and enjoy life.  I knew it would come back.  And thankfully I was right, it did come back. … Continue reading And Just Like That….It’s Gone!

A Good Start and a Focused Month

As I wrote in my last post, January 2018 started out in a blur. I am one of those folks that really love to take December to think and January to kick off the new year. I like resolutions that give me direction. I like the challenge. This year, my resolutions are a bit private and not for public consumption. They are personal to me … Continue reading A Good Start and a Focused Month

Imaginegnat’s Best Images of 2016

As we prepare for another new year, I took a moment to look back at my blog posts and my instagram feed to find my most popular images. This is a mix of my personal favorites as well as supporters favorites.  It was quite a year. I know the year isn’t over yet, but I am preparing because I have such an exciting year ahead … Continue reading Imaginegnat’s Best Images of 2016