A Day to Create

I have had a lot on my mind. Surprisingly I am feeling similar to when I was working. My brain doesn’t turn off. I am hyper focused. I am churning over solutions and learning. I ignore some of the basic, human signals of thirst, hunger, etc. When I get this way, I am not the person I want to be. My creativity stalls. So……I took a day to create and went out shooting. It was glorious!

I really had no specific destination in mind. I simply wanted to be downtown amongst the building and bustling streets. It had been a few months since I have walked the streets and I am happy to report that it seems the city is coming back to life. We have had a long and challenging road here in the Twin Cities. I’ve been in other cities where they were feeling more alive and more back to normal. I am particularly excited about the revival of the Minneapolis and Saint Paul restaurant scene. So many good chefs and dining establishments opening back up!

I ended up walking close to 20,000 steps with only 1 stop for a water and espresso. On this day, I was particularly intrigued by lines, shapes, and reflections. I also can’t help but take a few photographs of the Guthrie Theater, one of my favorite spots in the city.

It was the day I needed. My mind was free and I started seeing and thinking freely again! So here are a few pics. Hope you enjoy. Click on any to go to slide show mode.

For my parting shot I want to share a fun little fact about my day to create. I was carrying my camera in a custom bag and creation of my own design. There is nothing like carrying, using and experiencing a product that you designed and fabricated yourself. I have spent years buying and using bags from other fine folks. Every time I opened up my new bag to grab my camera I got a little smile on my face.

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