Spain Part 4 – Artist’s Rendition

OK….I said I was done. I said I was going to do my Spain coverage in 3 posts. I lied. While that was my intention, I took a look back through images and decided that there was another set of images to share. My duties on this trip were dad photo journalist. However, I did find some moments to have some fun and shoot some images that reflect how I see the world through my viewfinder.

How do I see the world? Honestly, because I grew up in photography shooting, developing and printing images from film, I still see the world that way. I was also a painter. I like grainy film and texture to images. I know the world wants to see the world in overly clear, saturated ways. I shared those in my first posts. This post is simply a set of images for me and how I see things. No words about the trip in this post. Just images. I hope you like the set.

Click on any image to go to slideshow mode.

I have one final mini series of 4 images to share below. There was an incredible wedding going on at the cathedral in Sevilla. The scene was spectacular. It was guarded and blocked off. We could hear opera like music and saw lots of absolutely beautiful people. I didn’t get in the mix of people fighting to get close. I stepped back and wanted to shoot the scene and was rewarded. I have no idea whom these folks are, but they are some of my most fun images I have documenting a few, beautiful moments in time.

….And that’s a wrap on Spain. Hope you enjoyed this 4 part series. Onto other things here in life and on the blog. I am working on a really fun and fascinating 1 year into the new life we are creating. Filled with fun, trips, setbacks and thoughts. Of course there will be lots of pics too!

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