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I was fortunate to get to celebrate my friend, and friendships, in Seattle last weekend. It was a short trip arranged by my close friend’s wife.  When asked to go I jumped at the opportunity.  Any time I can garner with these two fine fellas is worth any amount of $$ or energy.  Every single time I get together with these folks I laugh. I cry. I learn. I eat fine foods. I drink a lot of coffee in the morning and cocktails in the evening. I leave inspired.  Again, my friends, delivered.  Thank you boys and happy birthday Brady!


The friendship and our recipe of traveling to a city to explore and photograph is pretty much a proven and known formula at this point. I think we could find interest anywhere.  As I reflect on Seattle and our time spent there, I again came home inspired.  I again fell in love with the location and what it has to over. I also came home with some images that I like.  While not technically perfect in anyway, I like them for various reasons, one of which was I pushed myself on this trip to see differently.

I also went into it with a bit of prior knowledge as I had been there a few years ago with my wife. I had some places in mind. I went in with a plan to push myself and not just take the shots that one might expect from me if you have followed along at all over the years. I went in with a plan to show some of the many postcard shots in Seattle in a different way.  I went in with a plan of printing a couple of specific things and I wanted color and contrast in those images.

While I certainly did take a few of my expected shots, I pushed myself a bit as I was in a beautiful city and what did I have to lose?  Nothing.  But I had everything to gain.  And with that, here are few collections reflecting my personal challenge.  These are edited to taste and not reflective of out of camera.

Series 1:  Reflections I have always been inspired by street photographers that layer reflections and shadows on the subject.   Consider this an exploration.   Some of these are not what you think you are seeing.

Series 2Light and shadows at the Chihuly

Series 3The postcard shots….But in my interpretation.


The famous Seattle Skyline


The famous Gum Wall


The Space Needle – Look closely at the layers too! 

And lastly, because even though I challenged myself to not just take the postcard shots, I share one that doesn’t fit the series that I absolutely love.   One might call it a post card shot from Pike Street Market.  It’s not the famous sign but if you’ve been there you’ve certainly seen the beautiful flowers throughout the market.


And with that, I am signing off.  Thanks again boys. What a blast.  Here’s to planning the next meet up!

Parting Shot: Cocktails before dinner…..And gear talk.


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