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And Just Like That….It’s Gone!

After writing “A Good Start and a Focused Month”, my creativity and vision just disappeared. Just like the bird in the opening picture, in an instant it disappeared.  In all honesty, I pretty much set the camera down and tried my best to just get out side and enjoy life.  I knew it would come back.  And thankfully I was right, it did come back. My pictures way down below from my recent family trip to Steamboat, Colorado really were the spark I needed to post and share and move forward in my photography.

Now…Before I get to pics, sorry that it has been almost two months since my last post. I am happy to report that a few friends noticed and asked me about it. I am also happy to report that I got a few new emails from new followers that shared they appreciate my blogging, pictures and creativity.  Thank you!  That means the world to me.

So…..Onto pictures.  Winter. Bikes. Skiing. Family.  Friends.  That’s the theme for the last few months.  Hope you enjoy.

As always, please feel free to click on any image below to go to slideshow mode!  


I also traveled to Stillwater, Oklahoma for Landrun 100. It was the perfect day and I put the camera away and just enjoyed my time on the bike under the blue sky, riding the red dirt roads and enjoying the me time. This is the only picture I took, on my iPhone, at the start of the race. Thank you Bobby, Crystal, Keith, Tyler, Austin, Brady, Ashley, Glenn & Ben!  You all made it special for me!  Love you all.


And as I mentioned above, my family and I went to Steamboat, Colorado for spring break. What a truly joyous and inspiring time for me.  I started seeing with a vision again and starting to connect with my camera again.  It felt great and I am really pleased with some of these pics.

Hopefully, it won’t take me another month to post some pics and words.  Hard to tell really, but trust my intentions are good.

Thanks again folks for your continued support and readership!

One response to “And Just Like That….It’s Gone!”

  1. It was so good to see you in Stillwater! I always enjoy your images, and I’m glad to see you posting again. The camera can be therapeutic, but it can also be a burden. I also opted to not bring the camera on the Land Run and just enjoy the ride, and I’m glad I did. On the flip side, it would be great to do another photo ramble. Until next time …

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