Spain Part 2 – Food & Drink

Today I am back with Spain Part 2 – Food & Drink. You could probably call this post decadence, indulgence or submersion into the culture of food and drink. In short, we tried it all, took it all in and and 100% embraced the coffee, food, tapas, afternoon siestas and late night(s) out.

Our time exploring the food and culture of Spain was truly incredible. Every day, street, restaurant/bar and menu was a true adventure met with curiosity, excitement and the occasional concern. While Jen and I were often up in the AM searching for coffee before much of Spain was awake, we fit right in at all other times. We loved exploring the narrow streets of each city we visited and finding surprise in each establishment we explored. If you landed here curious about the food and drink in Spain, my only encouragement is to simply try it. You might like it. If not, the portion is likely pretty small if you order tapas (small plates), so move on if you don’t like it and try something else or go somewhere different. My other note about food in Spain is that it is highly variable. For example, Paella is different everywhere. It’s different at every restaurant both within a city as well as from city to city. If all else fails, just order the Iberian ham drizzled in olive oil on crusty bread. You can find that everywhere and anytime.

But we loved it. We loved the adventure and finding joy and peace in the culture. Enjoy the pics. Click on any of them to slideshow mode.

Also of note from the pictures, you can see our 19 year old kids enjoyed their first beers and drinks while in Spain (ha ha right?). They are legal drinking age in Spain so please don’t give us a hard time! Love this family and this trip was just what we needed.

2 thoughts on “Spain Part 2 – Food & Drink

    1. Thanks Jason. Same here on The subject matter! I have about 50 more images I could have used. Just thought folks would have thought I was weird or something!!

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