Taichung & Hong Kong

Hey folks. Despite not posting for months, I am alive and well.  It’s been months. So much to tell, but no time nor energy to tell it all.  Life has been on warp speed. Both exciting and challenging. To catch you all up, I’ve been traveling some. Riding very little. Shooting images when I can. I have had lymes disease. Outside of my immediate family, … Continue reading Taichung & Hong Kong

Trying Something Different

I have been in my cave again. Mostly thinking and mostly chasing, or driving, my kids around. I am not complaining. I am blessed with an amazing family and two incredible kids.  But they are 15 and active.  School. Band. Soccer. Refereeing ($$)!   Unfortunately, this means not enough me time, except in the car, or waiting at practice or staying up all night to process … Continue reading Trying Something Different

End Of Year River Ramble – Year End Reflections

One last post for the year!  It’s been a good one. Really good in fact. Lots of positive changes for me personally and professionally. Yesterday while out in the cold, winter wonderland I took some time to think about the year and look forward. The greatest non family focused memory for me this year was spending more time with my family and growing closer to … Continue reading End Of Year River Ramble – Year End Reflections

My 2017 Photo Year in Review –

I usually take the month of December to reflect and think about the year as well as plan for the coming year. While that is historically true, I spent much of November in that head space and am hitting the ground running in December. I almost feel like it is a new year. I have a new vision and reignited passion for photography. I can … Continue reading My 2017 Photo Year in Review –