Fragments of my Life – Joy and Grace

Today is Jen and my 17th wedding anniversay.  These last 17 years of marriage with Jen, and the two children we have together, are the greatest joys in my life. To say I feel blessed is an understatement.

I spend most of my time here and in social channels talking about my love of bicycles and photography. My family sometimes is featured but I don’t really talk about it. However, today I just had to take a moment to reflect and share a few pics and words about my personal life as it is more important and why I do what I do.

Here are a few family & pet pics of late to show you what we have been up too and to share with family and friends that only see my bike and travel pics!  This family of mine means the world to me.


We’ve also added to our extended family in the past month. My wife’s brother & his wife had their first child, Haakon, recently. He’s perfect. What a joy. We are thankful that they live close and will get to see them quite a bit.   Their dog Wembly needs some love too as he’s getting a bit less attention recently.


Lastly, my sister adopted a teen age girl from Columbia, South America. It is an incredible story. I look up to my sister so much, as I have my entire life. She, too, lives near and we get to be part of their lives too.


I occasionally get to ride too. Yesterday was a true blessing with my boy. He’s getting faster but this old man isn’t dead yet. We had a blast.


These things give me true joy. They give meaning to my hard work and drive. I am so blessed.

Ps. Many of these photos are phone edits and posted from my phone so if there are some issues with them, that is why. I just had to get a post up today. Too much joy in me to hold back and wait for hi res processing from RAW files. 

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