A Moment to Reflect

Not many posts this past two weeks. There has been a lot going on that has kept me from riding and shooting. It hasn’t been a bad thing though. It’s given me time to reflect. We also got back to my old home town for a funeral for a family friend and saw some of my family. Everytime I go on a road trip, I find peace and joy sitting in the car with my wife and two kids. Everytime I come home with a new, or improved, outlook. That is what seeing the world does for me. I need it. Being outside in the world is just as important as eating food and having a job. I need to find that balance again.

I found this image last night while looking back at old images searching for something I had missed in my discarded images. This one jumped out at me and made me take a moment. I like images that make me look close. Honestly, I got lost in this image.

As I prepare for my kids going back to school and scheduling our fall and early winter, I need to make a promise to myself and  my family to get out more and take care of myself. That is when I am the best husband, friend, father, family member and employee.

Here’s to Fridays, the weekend, long rides, good photography and the great outdoors.

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