My Cyclocross Shooting Binge

I have been shooting quite a bit of cyclocross already this fall and am excited to shoot the fall season here in MN as well as Cross Nationals in Austin, TX.  Today I will bring you just a few images from my recent outings. I shot here in MN, in Las Vegas and in Boulder.

I’ll start by sharing my favorite picture so far this year. It was at the start of the pro woman’s race at Cross Vegas. This is not photoshopped. This is the real deal. Pretty proud of this pic and feel fortunate to be in the right spot at the right time. I was the only photographer in this spot with a long lens mounted. I think I got the shot and it is likely going to be my best bike racing shot of the year.


So….I am not going to say much about the following pictures. They are from multiple events and other than a few from the pro mens races, I was there to shoot and support my friends. I wasn’t going for any kind of theme with these images or any specific look. In fact, you’ll see a number of different photo treatments. I was just having fun and to me that is what cyclocross is. I love cross and I love shooting cross.  Hope you enjoy.

GNAT_Cross14_18 GNAT_Cross14_17 GNAT_Cross14_16 GNAT_Cross14_15 GNAT_Cross14_14 GNAT_Cross14_13 GNAT_Cross14_12 GNAT_Cross14_11 GNAT_Cross14_10 GNAT_Cross14_9 GNAT_Cross14_8 GNAT_Cross14_7 GNAT_Cross14_6 GNAT_Cross14_5 GNAT_Cross14_4 GNAT_Cross14_3 GNAT_Cross14_2 GNAT_Cross14_1

More to come. It’s early in cross season. Going to be a great fall!

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