Trans Iowa V11 – My Photo Story

I mentioned last week that I had a surprise for you. The surprise was that I went down to shoot Trans Iowa. The surprise was that I did not tell my good friend Guitar Ted that I was coming but I had arranged a ride in the official photo vehicle of Wally Killburg and Studio 46 West photography.  My alarm went off at 2:45, grabbed some crappy hotel coffee and threw my gear into the back seat. Off we went.

I was shooting only for personal work. I have no agenda to sell prints nor publish anything in a magazine. I shared some portraits already and that was my main intent, but once I got out in the country shooting, i couldn’t help myself. The conditions were horrid. There was no light. Mud. Rain. Huge efforts. It was perfect for grainy black and whites shot at stupid high ISO’s in the poor light.  The following images represent my photo story of the day. I’ll let the real warriors share how the race went on their own blogs and in their own words. I am just going to share images.  Hope you enjoy them.

















But in the end, only 1 rider made it to check point 1 by the cut off. That was Greg Gleason, last year’s TIV10 winner. He made the check point with just 4 minutes to spare, grabbed his cue sheets and hit the road again. He was the only rider on course for some time. He finished later that day after riding at least twice as far as everyone else. I don’t know Greg personally, but I am guessing it was a bittersweet victory. He handily won but the finish line was not crossed.

The last picture is quite possibly my favorite image I have taken in a few years. Love that shot. Greg is a warrior, as are all the other men and women that started the race and pushed on through these brutal conditions. Congrats to all.



Unbelievable day. Inspired by so many. Thankful for the friends and the cycling community that I am part of.

18 thoughts on “Trans Iowa V11 – My Photo Story

  1. Jason, your photos always tell the story like words cannot. Thanks for sharing your talents. In spite of the brutal conditions, I wish so badly I could have been there. Next year!!!

    1. Thanks Jim! I was hoping to see you there. I still owe you that picture and this would have been a good year to get it. Take care and be well my friend.

  2. Thank you for the surprise visit, my friend! And these images……wow! I need to get these in print from you at some point. We can discuss that another time. For now……THANK YOU!

    1. Mark thank you. You are a good friend and an inspiration. Let’s talk prints. I o ow a guy whom can help you.

  3. Thanks for some of the finest shots of some of the most incredible athletes putting out an unforgettable effort in hellish conditions.And you caught some great shots

  4. Amazing photos! I was an underprepared rookie this year, but I can’t imagine anything preparing us for the conditions of this course. For me, it was lots of lessons learned which are fuel for an attempt at TI.V.12! Cheers!

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