Thursday Night Lights at the NSC Velodrome

Inspired by my internet friend Wade (SAMOBIKER), I finally got out to the track to spectate and take some track racing images. What a night. Could not have been a better opening night. The infield was packed and I had a blast. I won’t bore you with words. I will just say if you have a chance to ride, watch and/or photograph a race at a velodrome, you should do it. It is a wonderful venue for speed, mostly quick races and a lot of fun. And with that, I will cut right to the chase and get to images.  Hope you enjoy.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA GNAT_Thursdaynightlights_052514_12 GNAT_Thursdaynightlights_052514_11 GNAT_Thursdaynightlights_052514_10 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA GNAT_Thursdaynightlights_052514_8 GNAT_Thursdaynightlights_052514_7 GNAT_Thursdaynightlights_052514_6 GNAT_Thursdaynightlights_052514_5 GNAT_Thursdaynightlights_052514_4 GNAT_Thursdaynightlights_052514_3 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

And I will leave you with my favorite image of the evening. They don’t call it Thursday Night Lights for nothing!

Thursday Night Lights!
Thursday Night Lights!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Night Lights at the NSC Velodrome

  1. As someone who used to race, someone who loves bikes and someone who loves to shoot, I love this series. My faves were 1, 3 & 5. I liked your use of B&W to evoke the feeling of the track. While mtn biking is 21st century, the velodrome is real old skool. To me…that is what you captured……….

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