2016 Minnesota State CX

Needing some creative shutter therapy, I managed to get out to the 2016 Minnesota State CX race yesterday. While it is a two day event with many more races today, I got out yesterday and shot the SS, the 45 Men, 1-2-3 Women and the 1-2 Men. Wow. What a day.

Just like clockwork, MN winter came upon us the day prior to the event making me even more excited to photograph the race.  I love shooting cyclocross. It’s like a dance performance with beauty, grace, suffering, joy, and occasionally a fall or two!

I am not going to write a lot of words. I just want to share some pics. I have two sets of images here. I am going to do a really quick selection of my favorite 10 shots of the day followed by a much larger selection. I wanted to share the much larger collection as many of these pics are of people I work with, friends and brands I support.

For the camera nerds here, I shot these with the new Fuji XT2 and 16-55 and 40-150 zoom lenses. It was a very capable kit with only a few little weird quirks. Not bad really for a first outing to shoot an event like this with this set up.

So….Here are my favorite 10Click on any image to move to slideshow mode.

And if you want to see more, here is another set.  Again, click on any image to move to slideshow mode.

All in all an incredible day out see see friends, shoot images and support my local bike community. It’s a day I really needed.  Congrats racers!  See you next year!

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