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I only managed to get out to the senior mens/u23 race today but it was worth it. Temps were in the mid 50’s with overcast skies. The snow had mostly melted. The course was a black, muddy track. It was like a giant shadowbox everywhere! I could not have asked for better cross weather.

I also took a chance and shot most of the series with a 50mm fixed lens. I will likely add onto this post with a few more pics taken with a loaned DSLR later tonight or tomorrow, but all of these are taken with my Leica camera with a fixed 50mm. Let me know what you think?!

There are a lot of pics. This time I did not edit them down. I just quickly went through them, edited one and then copied my settings to the images I liked and thought represented the day. Hope you enjoy them.

GNAT_StateCX14_ GNAT_StateCX14_-29 GNAT_StateCX14_-28 GNAT_StateCX14_-27 GNAT_StateCX14_-26 GNAT_StateCX14_-25 GNAT_StateCX14_-24 GNAT_StateCX14_-23 GNAT_StateCX14_-22 GNAT_StateCX14_-21 GNAT_StateCX14_-20 GNAT_StateCX14_-19 GNAT_StateCX14_-18 GNAT_StateCX14_-17 GNAT_StateCX14_-16 GNAT_StateCX14_-15 GNAT_StateCX14_-14 GNAT_StateCX14_-13 GNAT_StateCX14_-12 GNAT_StateCX14_-11 GNAT_StateCX14_-10 GNAT_StateCX14_-9 GNAT_StateCX14_-8 GNAT_StateCX14_-7 GNAT_StateCX14_-6 GNAT_StateCX14_-5 GNAT_StateCX14_-4 GNAT_StateCX14_-3 GNAT_StateCX14_-2

Added  November 24th

OK….I did actually get a few pics from a different camera. I had a loaned DSLR with a 70-200 2.8. I only shot a handful of shots with it as I don’t really know how to handle these cameras anymore and find more joy in my little camera with a fixed lens, but…I think I got some keepers!

I processed these in color as they have a different texture and feel due to the different sensor and glass. I liked how they complimented my black and whites shared above.

GNAT_StateCX14_Color_ GNAT_StateCX14_Color_-10 GNAT_StateCX14_Color_-9 GNAT_StateCX14_Color_-8 GNAT_StateCX14_Color_-7 GNAT_StateCX14_Color_-6 GNAT_StateCX14_Color_-5 GNAT_StateCX14_Color_-4 GNAT_StateCX14_Color_-3 GNAT_StateCX14_Color_-2

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