And Just Like That….It’s Gone!

After writing “A Good Start and a Focused Month”, my creativity and vision just disappeared. Just like the bird in the opening picture, in an instant it disappeared.  In all honesty, I pretty much set the camera down and tried my best to just get out side and enjoy life.  I knew it would come back.  And thankfully I was right, it did come back. … Continue reading And Just Like That….It’s Gone!

My 2017 Photo Year in Review –

I usually take the month of December to reflect and think about the year as well as plan for the coming year. While that is historically true, I spent much of November in that head space and am hitting the ground running in December. I almost feel like it is a new year. I have a new vision and reignited passion for photography. I can … Continue reading My 2017 Photo Year in Review –

Summer ’17 – Photo Dump

I know it’s been a ghost town here at Today, someone I share a common love of photography with asked me if I was still shooting and still planning to maintain my blog as he had checked back weekly for over a month without updates. Sorry folks. I am good but I have been BUSY! My days have been filled mostly with cherishing moments … Continue reading Summer ’17 – Photo Dump

Living Life to the Fullest – May Image Dump

While I could write several different stories this month and I considered it based on the pictures below, I instead decided to just share what my month has looked like. Its been good. Real good. As I wrote last month, I am slowly taking my life back from my imbalance of work, home and self. I am not making any one big change. Just trying … Continue reading Living Life to the Fullest – May Image Dump

6 Months Into 2016 – Work Hard. Play Hard.

As the days go by, we are very close to moving into July 2016. My wife and I were discussing that we have pretty much made it through another soccer season with both our kids in a traveling, competitive club. But when I actually took time to go through our first 6 months of the year, a lot has occurred and it’s been so much … Continue reading 6 Months Into 2016 – Work Hard. Play Hard.