Trying Something Different

I have been in my cave again. Mostly thinking and mostly chasing, or driving, my kids around. I am not complaining. I am blessed with an amazing family and two incredible kids.  But they are 15 and active.  School. Band. Soccer. Refereeing ($$)!   Unfortunately, this means not enough me time, except in the car, or waiting at practice or staying up all night to process my day and my thoughts.

With all this time I have had a lot of time to think. The subject on my mind and that I am experimenting with is re adjusting all my bad habits of photography brought by modern technology.  Instead of shooting at 20 frames per second and only transferring one or two images to my computer, what if I only took 1 or 2 deliberate pictures.  What if I retrained my self to see and shoot instead of the shoot and see what I got? What if I stripped out distractions and just got to the essentials of photography again?

Over the last month I have been experimenting with this concept.  I have been carrying my camera but only shoot when I want to capture a moment or make a specific memory lasting with a photograph.  While I am not at 100% keeper rate, I am feeling good about what I am capturing.  I am liking my results.

Just a note about the images below. I shoot for me.  I don’t sell them.  With that, I am a biased image editor.  These images mean something to me or have elements I like. So what I am sharing isn’t a statement of how great my photography is or has become as a result of this experiment.  They are just some images that I like and wanted to share.

I absolutely plan to continue this experiment and in my mind I have a future project and new website for 2019 to challenge me further with this concept.  But right now, I am going to just continue to have fun shooting and trying to re train my brain from all this modern technology and focus on taking images deliberately.

So with that, here are some pics. As always you can click on any to go to slideshow mode. Hope you enjoy.

2 thoughts on “Trying Something Different

  1. This a a cool concept. Kudos to you. While not so much a photographer – I primarily use my phone – I shot film for years in high school and have been trying to get back to that ‘one shot’ mentally. Keep on keepin on.

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