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Living Life to the Fullest – May Image Dump

While I could write several different stories this month and I considered it based on the pictures below, I instead decided to just share what my month has looked like. Its been good. Real good.

As I wrote last month, I am slowly taking my life back from my imbalance of work, home and self. I am not making any one big change. Just trying to make small changes, get some consistency and build on that.

With seeking that balance in mind, I have gotten more quality family time, been taking care of myself on by riding my bicycle again, AND taking some pictures.  All this and making progress in my profession and work too.

I will say one thing and it really could be a story in itself, but I have never had a bike ride with a stop in the middle to Zip Line. I can now say that I have checked that one off too and it is highly recommended!

So with that, here are the images.  Click any image below to move to slideshow mode.

I sure hope that anyone landing here is finding time for themselves to do what they love as well as quality time with their friends and family.

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