Do not create with the purpose of serving others. Create because it is part of you. Create because you have too.

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  • 2023 Framework – Photography

    2023 Framework – Photography

    Photography is my passion. My aim in 2023 is to continue to keep it fun and focus on my storytelling. Here are 50 images shared on Imaginegnat from the past 10 years that make me smile and point to the feeling I intend to focus on in 2023.

  • A Good Start and a Focused Month

    A Good Start and a Focused Month

    As I wrote in my last post, January 2018 started out in a blur. I am one of those folks that really love to take December to think and January to kick off the new year. I like resolutions that give me direction. I like the challenge. This year, my resolutions are a bit private…

  • End Of Year River Ramble – Year End Reflections

    End Of Year River Ramble – Year End Reflections

    One last post for the year!  It’s been a good one. Really good in fact. Lots of positive changes for me personally and professionally. Yesterday while out in the cold, winter wonderland I took some time to think about the year and look forward. The greatest non family focused memory for me this year was…

  • Summer ’17 – Photo Dump

    Summer ’17 – Photo Dump

    I know it’s been a ghost town here at Today, someone I share a common love of photography with asked me if I was still shooting and still planning to maintain my blog as he had checked back weekly for over a month without updates. Sorry folks. I am good but I have been…

  • Living Life to the Fullest – May Image Dump

    Living Life to the Fullest – May Image Dump

    While I could write several different stories this month and I considered it based on the pictures below, I instead decided to just share what my month has looked like. Its been good. Real good. As I wrote last month, I am slowly taking my life back from my imbalance of work, home and self.…

  • Fragments of my Life – December 2015

    Fragments of my Life – December 2015

    I am making one final post and push for December 2015. December has been a high note for me both personally and photographically. I’ve also prioritized riding and I’ve been getting out more. The result? More photos and an overall positive end to the year. My web metrics don’t lie either, with my newfound vision…

  • Out riding

    Out riding

    Just realized that it’s been over a week since my last post. Geepers time flies. Not intentional. Just out in the world riding, thinking and exploring.  My mind had been turning quite a bit on some thoughts. Almost ready to come out.  Soon. Until then here are a few pics. I could post hundreds more.…