Gnational Lampoon Vacation

I know I have only had one post in almost two months. Yep, I stink at this. As I always write when I have these gaps, it isn’t, or wasn’t, intentional. I either have nothing meaningful to share & no good images to go along with the words OR I have been traveling and out enjoying the world. In this case, it has been the latter. In the past month I have spent time in California, Wyoming and Montana along with time spent traveling too and from those states.

Today I am going to share some words and images from the Gnat family vacation. We rented a pop up camper and drove across the country. Yep, it was a little bit like a National Lampoon vacation with high lights including almost running out of gas because our car go such crappy mileage pulling the camper, getting our credit card numbers stolen and card shut down on day one, and having waffles at the top of a mountain with Reba McEntire. We capped it off with a beautiful and amazing family wedding in Billings, MT.

I am not going to write a ton about images and places. I will highlight a few of my favorite images though before the slideshow.


Yellowstone Lake Sunrise – My favorite non family image from the trip. I was up walking around in the freezing cold morning and caught this pic. The next day, Jen joined me coffee and the sunrise at this spot and my most fond memory of the trip.


Reba McEntire – We rode up to the top of the mountain at Grand Teton lodge and we all enjoyed waffles in Corbit’s Cabin.


Griz eating elk – Pretty awesome seeing a grizzly eat an elk carcass he dragged to the side of the river. No fences between us here. Thankfully there was a ranger there and I had a super long lens with a rented teleconverter. That is almost 800mm of range there.


Colors of Nature – I so much enjoyed using the long lens to do Macro like shots of the natural hot springs in Yellowstone.


This family. I am thankful and blessed everyday with this crew. I am also thankful a nice woman offered to take this image at a rest stop in Wyoming. I take lots of pics, but I don’t often get to be in them.  I generally don’t make any picture better, but I sure love being with my family.

And with that, I am just going to do a mega photo dump. Grab some coffee, tea, beer or whatever and I hope you enjoy them. Click on any image to go to slide show mode! 

Again, leave a comment if you have a question for me.  Thanks!


Thanks for checking them out. I’ve got another post coming from California soon. Stay tuned!

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