I grew up as a painter

These last two weeks have been pretty incredible here in MN. Sure we have had rain that has often kept me off the mountain bike trails, but it’s been stunning. Autumn is here. While I haven’t been riding, I am finding time to get out. I’ve been sneaking walks and hikes in often as they don’t take as much time as riding.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about art and more specifically, my art. My personal art and my expression of what I see and what I feel. For almost 10 years I’ve shared some small aspect of it here. I think my love of my bikes and photography have come out as has my love of my family. I do not however, think my love of art has come outI grew up a painter. I started painting with oil in 3rd grade and pursued that passion all the way through high school. Then I quit. I went to college, got lost in school, bicycles and photography and here I am now.

This painting above was painted on the side of a building near 38th and Chicago Avenue in Minneapolis. I don’t know the artist. I snapped this pic, along with a few other angles, and continued on. But…I love this street art painting. I get lost in the colors and love the texture an style. It is so beautiful I just had to share it.



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