A Better Plan for You

I was listening to an interview recently and this person shared something that struck me. Before I move on here the comment is faith based but the end outcome, and what struck me, has meaning whether or not you are a believer or not. This person was commenting on prayer and the 3 options God gives to your prayer requests.

  • Yes
  • Not now
  • I have a better plan for you

This really struck me because I have been living out that last one recently. I have been pretty stressed at work and bringing it home too often. I believed there had to be a better plan for me and I was, and still am,  determined to find the better plan. I have been spending more time with family, riding my bicycle(s), shooting and writing. It has been glorious.  Check out a few pics from the last week.

As a result of focusing on the good and believing there has to be a better plan for me, this past two weeks has been so much better and I look forward to the next.

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