Do not create with the purpose of serving others. Create because it is part of you. Create because you have too.

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  • A Day to Create

    A Day to Create

    I have had a lot on my mind. Surprisingly I am feeling similar to when I was working. My brain doesn’t turn off. I am hyper focused. I am churning over solutions and learning. I ignore some of the basic, human signals of thirst, hunger, etc. When I get this way, I am not the…

  • Shattered


    I had planned on sharing some of my favorite images from the past few months around a theme of be still. I had edited the photos. Gathered my thoughts. I had every intention of sharing them this week. Then our week was shattered by the wrongful death of George Floyd and the chain of events…

  • Finding Words and Inspiration in this Strange Time

    Finding Words and Inspiration in this Strange Time

    I have been silent here on the blog.  My last post was from January, what now seems like years ago.   Travel?   Hanging out with friends?  Walking a new city?  Eating out?  This past 5 or so weeks at home makes that trip feel like a distant memory. Times sure are different now.  This “Shut In”…

  • I grew up as a painter

    I grew up as a painter

    These last two weeks have been pretty incredible here in MN. Sure we have had rain that has often kept me off the mountain bike trails, but it’s been stunning. Autumn is here. While I haven’t been riding, I am finding time to get out. I’ve been sneaking walks and hikes in often as they…

  • Bunyan Velo Night of Adventure

    Bunyan Velo Night of Adventure

    Last evening was the Bunyan Velo Night of Adventure. It’s the second night of adventure organized on by Lucas of Bunyan Velo and hosted by Angry Catfish Bicycle and Coffee. It was an incredible evening of cured meats from Red Table, beer from Lake Monster Brewing, and music by Ben Weaver. Several speakers came into…

  • All-City Championships Women’s Street Crit

    All-City Championships Women’s Street Crit

    I finally got my sorry butt out and about the city. I’ve been dying to go downtown to ride and shoot. So…When I had the opportunity to go out and shoot the late evening All-City street crit, I took it. I grabbed my Fuji XT1 and the 16mm and 90mm lenses and hit the streets.…

  • Dirt + Burgers

    Dirt + Burgers

    It’s a boy weekend here at the Gnat household and we took advantage of it.  Early coffee, Xbox, riding mountain bikes followed by burgers.  Topping off the evening with pizza, popcorn and a movie. It doesn’t get any better than that.  Hope you all are having a great weekend too. What will our tomorrow bring? 

  • Worth waiting for – The forgotten roll of film

    Worth waiting for – The forgotten roll of film

    Well…..After 4 months I finally developed a roll of film that I started back at the end of February of 2014. When I saw the prints I was once again blown away. Man do I love film. Yeah, these shots below are not 100% sharp, perfectly focused or developed/printed perfectly.  Nope. I know folks can…