People of 2015

One of the things that I have personally been inspired by is people. Some of you that know me know that I have said out loud that I want to learn to take portraits. Some of you that know me, also know that when I say stuff out loud and set my mind to it, it is hard for me to stop and I don’t want to quit until I “master” it. I use the word master loosely and it only means I am satisfied and nothing more.

Most of these shots are pretty formal, meaning I intended them to be portraits and treated them that way. I do see that I snuck in a candid or two but they pretty much had to be intended as a portrait. All are natural lighting with no additional lighting beyond what was there.

Well….I am still learning and I have far from mastered it, but I have some portraits I’d like to share from this year. I hope you enjoy them.

I will apologize for the bias toward my children. They are mostly willing subjects.

I have a lot more but these are just a few.  I plan to carry this personal challenge into 2016. More to come.

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