Krampus Kleaning

I have a couple of friends that think I don’t maintain my bikes. While they may be dirty and occasionally make some noise, they generally work pretty darn well. But….To show them that I do in fact work on my bikes, here are a few pics from spring cleaning. My Krampus needs to be prepared for the opening of our trails here in MN. Also got a few upgrades! Going to be a nice ride when I’m done.

Hope you all had a great weekend. I sure did.

JWB_krampus_Kleaning041315-6 JWB_krampus_Kleaning041315-5 JWB_krampus_Kleaning041315-4 JWB_krampus_Kleaning041315-3 JWB_krampus_Kleaning041315-2 JWB_krampus_Kleaning041315

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