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  • A Better Plan for You

    A Better Plan for You

    I was listening to an interview recently and this person shared something that struck me. Before I move on here the comment is faith based but the end outcome, and what struck me, has meaning whether or not you are a believer or not. This person was commenting on prayer and the 3 options God…

  • The bikes I rode and loved in 2015

    The bikes I rode and loved in 2015

    As I continually process my year and prepare for another year, I thought I’d take a moment to highlight the bikes I loved and rode the most in 2015. I work in the industry and rode a lot more than what is pictured here, but these are my personal bikes that I spent my own…

  • Krampus Kleaning

    Krampus Kleaning

    I have a couple of friends that think I don’t maintain my bikes. While they may be dirty and occasionally make some noise, they generally work pretty darn well. But….To show them that I do in fact work on my bikes, here are a few pics from spring cleaning. My Krampus needs to be prepared…

  • Global Fatbike Day is Everyday!

    Global Fatbike Day is Everyday!

    Saturday was Global Fatbike day and I was pretty stoked to have the day planned riding with my son and my friend John. Riding on the weekends is a treat for me that I often don’t get to enjoy. To make this opportunity even better, I brought a bike home from work for my son…

  • Desert Ramble – The Route & Favorite Pics

    Desert Ramble – The Route & Favorite Pics

    Before I get started on today, I just want to say thanks to everyone that checked out my postcard and portrait project I posted on Monday. Based on stats, it is the most popular thing I have ever done on my blog. Ever! Wow. Thank you all so much for taking the time to view…