Cold & Lonely Miles

I’ve been trying to get some miles in before my fatbike tour that is coming up all too quickly. So when my daughter had a soccer game south of town in Northfield, I decided to ride to the game. I left early when the sun was out. I was thinking it was going to warm up all day. I packed lightly so I could ride quickly and without the weight of my pack. I’ve been riding with a back pack to simulate carrying water and my camera gear on the upcoming tour. I had dressed lightly expecting increased temps throughout the morning. What I got was actually gray skies shielding the sun out, colder temps and higher winds. I was under dressed and surprisingly under prepared. I was cold.  Despite all that, I knew the ride wasn’t that long and I knew at the halfway point I’d have a coffee shop and a sideline blanket. GNAT_cold&lonelymiles GNAT_cold&lonelymiles-6 GNAT_cold&lonelymiles-5 GNAT_cold&lonelymiles-4 GNAT_cold&lonelymiles-3 GNAT_cold&lonelymiles-2 As it turned out, it was a great ride and just what I needed. Isn’t that always true though when you head out on your bike into the countryside or to the trails?  I know it’s true for me.

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