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  • Spain Part 2 – Food & Drink

    Spain Part 2 – Food & Drink

    Today I am back with Spain Part 2 – Food & Drink. You could probably call this post decadence, indulgence or submersion into the culture of food and drink. In short, we tried it all, took it all in and and 100% embraced the coffee, food, tapas, afternoon siestas and late night(s) out. Our time…

  • My SaddleDrive 2016

    My SaddleDrive 2016

    Every year around this time, the company I work for (QBP) holds it’s annual event called SaddleDrive. It’s this event every year where many of the brands I work with, and for, launch their new products. If you landed here thinking you’d see all the latest and greatest new products I am sorry to let…

  • I Need More Mornings Like This

    I Need More Mornings Like This

    Sometimes things work out the way they were supposed to work out.  I had a dirt to work plus coffee ride planned for this AM but due to rain and muddy conditions, I cancelled. Bummer. I later texted my friend Ben and asked him if he had any ideas for a shorter gravel ride as…

  • Fragments of my Life – April 2016

    Fragments of my Life – April 2016

    Looking back to April, I only posted two times here on the blog. Not much. I wrote last time that I was thinking. I was also traveling, shooting, supporting, and living life to the fullest. That full life doesn’t always add up to long bike rides, mellow evenings and 8 hours of sleep. Nope. My…

  • My new All-City – First Ride

    My new All-City – First Ride

    The planets finally aligned and the weather cooperated, giving me the opportunity to do the Friday AM ride before work. Aside from the greatness that is being able to ride my bike with a friend, drink some coffee and see the sunrise, it was the maiden voyage for my new All-City Cycles Macho King, Team…

  • Weird Winter Day

    Weird Winter Day

    I woke up this AM and walked the dog. It was wet. It was foggy. It was 50+ degrees in December. That is unheard of here in MN. I had planned a ride after church and after finishing some Christmas shopping up. I was really excited to get out today. At Church the message was…

  • Desert Ramble – Coffee Outside Extended

    Desert Ramble – Coffee Outside Extended

    Ok…Now I am just having some fun with pics. Many of you know I love coffee. Turns out others do too and thanks to Glenn, we had a grinder and several of us carried fresh beans. It was a ramble so why not have  a little luxury. Anyway, here are a few of my favorite…

  • Ice Cream, Coffee and a surprise visitor

    Ice Cream, Coffee and a surprise visitor

    What a morning. Brought an Ice Cream Truck home from work. Had to get out to ride it and have some coffee outside  before leaving for Chicago.  What a perfect and blessed morning. As if it were not perfect enough already, while sitting motionless on a rock taking it all in, this guy decided to…

  • Friday Ride Stoke

    Friday Ride Stoke

    Caught the sunrise this AM. Sweet morning. Going to be a great day.

  • The SDFC

    The SDFC

    Sunrise. Dirt. Friends. Coffee.  Check, check, check and check! A combination that can’t be beat. I will leave it at that. Hope you all are having a great weekend. I sure am……