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  • Vignettes of Steamboat Springs – A Golden Paradise

    Vignettes of Steamboat Springs – A Golden Paradise

    Chasing autumn gold and learning life lessons in Steamboat Springs, CO

  • Coffee and Breakfast Outside

    Coffee and Breakfast Outside

    I am so pleased that I’ve somehow managed to once again make Friday’s my longer ride days. I’ve been pretty consistent for the past few months on getting out on Fridays, mostly dirt to work through the Minnesota River Valley on my fatbike, but occasionally being a gravel ride in the country on my Fargo.…

  • Ice Cream, Coffee and a surprise visitor

    Ice Cream, Coffee and a surprise visitor

    What a morning. Brought an Ice Cream Truck home from work. Had to get out to ride it and have some coffee outside  before leaving for Chicago.  What a perfect and blessed morning. As if it were not perfect enough already, while sitting motionless on a rock taking it all in, this guy decided to…

  • Autumn Hangs On

    Fall and autumn colors are really trying to hang on. Last Friday morning I got out early with a plan to ride Lebanon Hills. As I was heading over, I got distracted by a small lake on the side of the road. I’ve not bothered on stopping because it is on a part of the…

  • Why I Do It

    I had planned on a second installment of Random Thoughts on Gear today, but yesterdays ride was too good not to share. The images below are all from yesterday. It was one of those perfect fall days that started out well before sunrise. In prepping for an upcoming trip, I also decided to carry some…

  • A Soggy Day

    Sunshine on Friday. Rain on Saturday. What will Sunday bring?

  • Fall Singletrack

    I wrote yesterday how I was home with the kids. Perfect day with two bike rides. Early AM ride at Leb followed by a great ride at Murphy with my kiddos! Glad we got out because today looks gloomy. Hope your weekend is off to a great start. Time for coffee………

  • Friday Ride Stoke

    No words needed. Get out and ride folks. Have a great weekend.  

  • Autumn Gravel

    I’ve written before how I like to try to sum up a ride, an event or a place in a single picture. Today I bring you Autumn Gravel. This is why I love to live where I live. 2 wheels. 4 seasons. That right there says it all.