My 2012 Film Project – March

It’s mid April and I’m once again scanning and processing all my film I shot in March. It was a great month as you may have recognized from some recent posts. I shot quite a bit of film and I also got a new to me old Olympus 35RC rangefinder camera that I am quite smitten with. So beyond the new old camera stoke, why did I shoot more film? Honestly, I am just enjoying it and I love the feeling of anticipation waiting to see the processed film and the 4×6 test prints I have made. It is like Christmas where you have ideas of what is in the wrapped box(es) and you can’t wait to open them up to see if you were right. All in all I shot 4 rolls of film. I’ve shared some of these images already in other focused posts, but I have many new images to share below. Hope you enjoy them.

Here’s the link to my Up North on Film post with some more scanned images.  

The shots above were all shot at the USS Midway in San Diego. The B&W are TriX 400 shot with my Bessa R4A and that last shot was shot on Portra 400 with the Olympus 35RC.

Getting the shot @ Sunset Cliffs - San Diego, CA
Sunset @ our Hotel - Sunset Cliffs - San Diego, CA
Sea World - San Diego, CA
Legoland - San Francisco Skyline

All in all a very good month on film. I learned a lot. I am slowing down. I am really thinking about exposure differently as I can’t shoot RAW and fix later. Aside from struggling with keeping the horizon level when trying to focus with a rangfinder, compose and get my exposure right, I am getting the hang of it pretty good. I’m really digging this project and I’m really excited to look back in January 2013 and see how I’ve grown as a photographer. So far, I really believe it is helping me and I’m so very happy to have so many printed images around our home.

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