Old Point Loma Lighthouse – San Diego, California

It’s Friday and I have a great day planned. I’m taking a vacation day and heading out into the country on my Fargo. Yes, I said my Fargo. It’s been too long since I’ve gone exploring on my favorite bike.  It’s about dang time. I am so excited. Hopefully, I’ll get a photo or two to share with you next week.

Point Loma Lighthouse

Today I am sharing probably my most interesting and favorite artsy fartsy photo from our recent trip to San Diego, California. It’s a photo taken inside the old Point Loma Lighthouse. When we entered the old lighthouse, I didn’t see this picture immediately. In fact, I didn’t see it until I was walking down the very tight spiral staircase and looked upwards to see if my family was following me? After taking some snaps that showed peoples hands or heads somewhere in the capture, I waited.  People kept coming in and walking up or down the stairs. I finally had a few moments without any people to capture this shot. In fact, of about 10 pictures in this spot, this is the only image that does not show something human.  I got what I wanted and headed out.  I absolutely love this image. It looks so good big.

With that, I am headed out for a good long ride  in the country. I’m also breaking out my new kit for the day. Yep, it’s that kind of special day.

Enjoy your Friday and weekend. We’ve got friends and family coming over for Easter. There is also a slight chance that I’ll get to catch up with my old friend that I did Leadville with so many years ago. He in town with his family for the week.

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