Scenes from Taiwan

As I looked back at my posting schedule I see I missed posting about my recent trip to Taiwan. I LOVE going to Taiwan. I love the sensory overload for me. The sights. The sounds. The scents & smell.  So much to take in.

When I go to Taiwan, it is for work and I generally only get to photograph in the early morning or the late evening. Some of my personal favorite street photography ever has comes from Taiwan. This time was no different with a few of my favorite shots (like the one above.)

I kept my photography simple and went with a tiny Panasonic GM5 and two very small, manual focus prime lenses. I just walked and shot. Nothing too serious or staged or formal. Just pure visual stimuli and fun.  But I always had a camera on hand. I shot starting with my departure airport and quit when I returned and made my final passage through Midway in Chicago and boarded the plane to Minneapolis.

I am planning another trip in the spring, with likely visits to both China and Hong Kong. I so can’t wait to see new places and capture it in images.

Click any image to go to slideshow mode. 

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