Taichung & Hong Kong

Hey folks. Despite not posting for months, I am alive and well.  It’s been months. So much to tell, but no time nor energy to tell it all.  Life has been on warp speed. Both exciting and challenging.

To catch you all up, I’ve been traveling some. Riding very little. Shooting images when I can. I have had lymes disease. Outside of my immediate family, some close family members have been dealing with various forms of cancer. My twins turned 16 and somehow got their licenses. My wife and I (and kids) have been enjoying time together.  Both my wife and I celebrated birthdays since I last posted.  We’ve been to Indianapolis to watch our daughter compete in a Bands of America competition. We got through fall, high school soccer season. I am trying to figure out how to work fitness and health back into my life. We are remodeling our kitchen. I could go on and on.  But….in short, life is full.

But somewhere in there, I must say I am happy with what little I have been shooting pictures. I have written about being intentional in my shooting.  I have so few images compared to the past.  I like that.

And with that, I am going to share some images from a fairly recent trip to Taiwan, Hong Kong and China.  I am not going to spend too much time describing them, rather just sharing them.

I am really trying to remain focused on trips and not bring multiple lenses, big zooms, etc.  I am trying to be intentional with my shooting. I like to travel with a 28mm and 50mm.  Nothing else. This allows me to bring my small shoulder bag and enjoy.

Enjoy we did.  Lots and lots of walking in the evenings in Taiwan and over the weekend in Hong Kong.  All shot with just a 28mm and 50mm.

As always, click to enlarge and move to slide show.  And leave a comment if you have a comment or question. They are ALWAYS appreciated.




And one last note. My parting shot is the shot I missed. It still tells a story I think and points to the vision I see and occasionally capture.  I am bummed I missed this. I was on the moving walkway in Hong Kong and looked over and saw this.  I just grabbed my manual focus camera from my shoulder and shot from the hip.  I didn’t even get the camera to my eye.  I, unfortunately, mis-judged the hyper focal distance.  It’s shots like these that inspire me to get better.  Again, bummed I missed it, but I like sharing that I make mistakes (often) and it’s those mistakes that inspire me to keep shooting and get better instead of frustrating me and making me not want to shoot.


So thanks for checking out and checking back in after so long. I hope it isn’t so long until the next post.


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