End Of Year River Ramble – Year End Reflections

One last post for the year!  It’s been a good one. Really good in fact. Lots of positive changes for me personally and professionally. Yesterday while out in the cold, winter wonderland I took some time to think about the year and look forward.

My rock – This crew is amazing and the reason I push so hard and do what I do. Thankful and blessed.

The greatest non family focused memory for me this year was spending more time with my family and growing closer to them. We had trips to Mexico, Yellowstone, Jackson Hole, and New York as well as a bunch of shorter trips. While this time together certainly cut into pure “me” time like riding and photography, I really do feel like my year is better because of this time. I wouldn’t be where I am today without this family and I am thankful and don’t want to take that for granted.

The Northern Lights over the black church of Bodir – Iceland

While I spent a ton of time with family and driving my kids too and from all their activities around our city, state and country, I also found time to do some cool stuff. The highlight for sure was my trip to Iceland. I have never done a photography focused trip before. I had always done trips with photography second. I learned so much. Made a ton of mistakes and in the end,  the trip really just wet my appetite for this kind of adventure in the future. I can’t wait to do more photography focused trips in the future.

Make Friends. Drink Coffee. Take Pictures. Laugh More!

Friends – While there are so many people I want to re connect with, I made an effort to build and invest in relationships with folks. These folks have also made me better…And made me laugh. Laughter is powerful. I need more of it in my life. Thank you friends.

The bike industry epicenter – Taichung City, Taiwan

The work front got better this year. My work has been challenging the past 3 years as we have built out our own facility, office, warehouse and test lab in Taiwan. My job and the atmosphere is getting much better and I see a bit of “fun” back on the work horizon. I started this journey in my career 22 years ago at QBP  answering customer service phones and learning our industry. Prior to that about 7 years in industry at bikes shops throughout the midwest. I am a lifelong cycling industry person and plan to stay that way. I certainly could work in another industry, but I am thankful I haven’t had too!  So much change has occurred in those almost 30 years. I can’t wait to see where it goes in the next 20. I am excited about it. While folks talk about changing retail, amazon, etc, I am most excited about the rise of the voice of diversity in the world and what that might mean for the industry I love and work in.

Bikes – Always there and moving me forward

And Lastly, bikes. Bikes seemed to take a back seat in my life this year. Truth be told, they are always there, but my ride time, stories and adventures are a lot shorter these days. I see that changing in the future, but I am in a good place right now and I am always building and riding dream bikes as I look ahead and plan for the future.

Bikes – Nothing like a good, trusted steed that is always ready and willing to take you somewhere

Thanks for reading along and checking back here and there. My posting has been erratic, much like my schedule. I appreciate the life long followers as well as the new folks that have landed here. You all give me so much inspiration. Thanks again.



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