2012 Film Project – My Photography Tool Chest

August marked a change in my film shooting. It seems that rather than forcing myself to shoot or forcing myself to finish a roll of film, I used it when appropriate. When I wanted for what I wanted. I think for me, I am starting to understand just exactly how I want to use film in conjunction with my other digital camera. In many ways, … Continue reading 2012 Film Project – My Photography Tool Chest

Morning Ride

I know I said I’d be out until next Thursday. I just have too much content lately. Here is one shot from yesterday’s Coffee Ride. We had an awesome group. We also were treated to heavy fog and incredible light. I got so darn many good images from yesterday it is crazy. This one really makes me want to go ride my bike in the … Continue reading Morning Ride

The Coffee Ride(s)

Well….I think I started something new today. I’m calling them the coffee rides. Ben Witt and I have talked about it before and today we made our inaugural attempt. What is the coffee ride?  It’s a casual early morning no drop group ride that starts and ends at a coffee shop and could involve making coffee somewhere.  Pretty simple.  Today we started at the Dunn … Continue reading The Coffee Ride(s)