2012 Film Project – My Photography Tool Chest

August marked a change in my film shooting. It seems that rather than forcing myself to shoot or forcing myself to finish a roll of film, I used it when appropriate. When I wanted for what I wanted. I think for me, I am starting to understand just exactly how I want to use film in conjunction with my other digital camera. In many ways, I am starting to see film as just another tool in my photography tool chest.

Going forward, I will be changing the way I write and talk about film. Since film has become just part of my everyday photographic journey, I won’t be waiting until the 1st week or so of every month to be talking about it. Nope, I’ll just be integrating images shot on film as well as film related shots and experiences into my blog whenever I take them and whenever I choose.

This past month, I shot 4 rolls of film. However, I have only got three back from processing. I shot a roll of Ektar 100, expired Portra 400 pushed to 800, TriX 400 pushed to 800 and experimented in an old Olympus Camera with a roll of Porta 400. I haven’t gotten the last roll Portra back from processing yet and I honestly, I only like 2 of the shots from the roll of TriX so today, I am just going to show you some of the Portra stuff and some Ektar 100. I will apologize in advance for the poor scanning quality. I am having some issues with dust as well as my scanner.

The first several shots were shot on Ektar 100 while we were up on MN’s North Shore.

Here are some expired Portra 400 shots pushed to 800. Don’t think I’ll push Portra again. I got shots I like, but they required quite a bit of work to print.

And here is my favorite shot from film in the month of August. I shared it a few weeks ago but I had processed the lo res digital scan in Lightroom. Here’s the un edited scan.

This last one was shot on expired Portra 400 into the sun. I pushed it pretty hard to salvage the following image. I also converted it to B&W in Lightroom.

My girl – Grand Marais, MN – Artists Point

Really love the new old tool in my photography tool chest called film.

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