The Coffee Ride(s)

Well….I think I started something new today. I’m calling them the coffee rides. Ben Witt and I have talked about it before and today we made our inaugural attempt. What is the coffee ride?  It’s a casual early morning no drop group ride that starts and ends at a coffee shop and could involve making coffee somewhere.  Pretty simple.  Today we started at the Dunn Bros in Farmington, MN and we did a pavement, gravel, dirt, mud, and grassy two track route. Nothing too hard. Nothing too long. We had 5 folks total. It was a great ride and a great way to start the day.

Here is the recap in images. Just fun stuff here. Nothing too serious and certainly not my highest quality work.  Hope you enjoy. Better yet, join us next week. I plan to make an announcement next week for our next coffee ride. Tentative date is next Friday. Stay tuned for more info.

Did I make it appealing enough? Come join us next Friday AM. Location TBD. Time? Early. When I say early, I mean early.


3 thoughts on “The Coffee Ride(s)

    1. Thanks Rob. I shot all these with an old Ricoh point & shoot. I then processed them in Adobe Lightroom. The processing is a mix of split toning with orange highlights and green darks. I also tweaked contrast and curves adjustment and then added texture. Yeah, they are heavily post processed. I normally dont do that but was having fun with these.

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