The Coffee Ride – Take 2

Every once in a while it all comes together as planned. Ben Witt and I have talked about the idea of a coffee ride for some time. The idea is simple. Meet for coffee early in the morning. Ride bikes. Check out new places. Go to work. Last Friday marked our second attempt and it was perfect in every way.

Not only did the weather break just for a few hours of cool morning riding, but we had a nice group of 7 and a shortish 15-20 mile route. I put the route together and it included pavement, gravel, dirt, grass fields and maybe a ditch or two. I think all had fun and we all made it to work at a respectable hour.

Ben and I are scheming and planning. We envision the ride starting at different coffee shops and led by different people. Meet new people. Ride new places. All brought together by a love for 2 wheels, people and coffee.

So here are some pics from the ride. A few of these are my current favs from all of 2012. Hope you enjoy them.











Oh yeah, it was a great morning riding with friends. I was so pleased with the images and had fun processing them to give them a bit more “feel”. As a side note, I also shot 36 images on film! It was my first effort of shooting analog while riding. I was using my wide angle 21mm on the Bessa R4A with Tri-X 400 pushed to 800.  I can’t wait to get those processed and scanned so I can share them next week. I have high hopes for them. Let’s hope they meet those expectations so I can work on this idea I have in my head….

I am out for this week’s coffee ride. My mom is in town from Colorado so we are planning to meet up with her. I’ll be back the following week though. Next week I’ll post a location and time. Sure hope you all can join us.

2 thoughts on “The Coffee Ride – Take 2

  1. Sure hope the coffee rides still happen this fall. I plan on making itt up there late summer or early fall.

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