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  • Spain Part 4 – Artist’s Rendition

    Spain Part 4 – Artist’s Rendition

    OK….I said I was done. I said I was going to do my Spain coverage in 3 posts. I lied. While that was my intention, I took a look back through images and decided that there was another set of images to share. My duties on this trip were dad photo journalist. However, I did…

  • Spain Part 3 – Places and Experiences

    Spain Part 3 – Places and Experiences

    The places and experiences from our recent family trip to Spain.

  • Spain Part 2 – Food & Drink

    Spain Part 2 – Food & Drink

    Today I am back with Spain Part 2 – Food & Drink. You could probably call this post decadence, indulgence or submersion into the culture of food and drink. In short, we tried it all, took it all in and and 100% embraced the coffee, food, tapas, afternoon siestas and late night(s) out. Our time…