October 28th Fargo Reunion Ride Update

OK folks. I’ve been asked about the Fargo Reunion Ride on October 28th that I have posted about here.  Well..It’s on and here are the details and a few updates.

First, the start time – 9:00AM in Nerstrand, MN. We need to start at 9:00AM sharp as the meat market opens at 9:00. We will grab some meat goods from an amazing little butcher and hit the road.

Route – It is of course weather dependent, but we will be doing a variant of the Rawland route. It’s my favorite route in the area. Roughly 50-60 miles. We have a surprise wilderness area to explore as well.

My Schedule – It is my Birthday on the 28th and I have a firm evening commitment of a black tie fundraiser to go to.  I will be leaving no later than 2:00 or so to head home and get ready for that. By all means, that does not mean you all have to stop riding or hanging out or whatever. But…I will be gone and that is just what it is.

Bikes – Any gravel ready bike is great. The wilderness area will test any cross style bike. I rode it on Horizon 650 x 47c’s and struggled. This is a Fargo ride after all and if you have a bike that has 2.1 I’d suggest riding it.

Intent – This is a fun ride. We’ll be riding, hanging out, taking pictures, and enjoying each others company in one of the most beautiful parts of the area. Heart rate meters, Strava, etc, pushing the pace, etc are not part of the intent. Honestly, don’t come if you want to push the pace and make this a competition. Its my birthday ride and the route is in my head. So you will have to stick with me or ride on alone.

Housing – Unfortunately, camping fell through. For those coming from out of town, you will need to either camp/stay at a friends house in the area or get a hotel room or lodging in Northfield, MN.

I think that’s it. I guess I better get my Gen 1 Fargo rebuilt and ready…..


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