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Fuji X70 – 1st shots with a production camera

I gambled late December and sold both my Fuji X100t and XT1 so I could have cash in hand when the next Fuji X Pro 2 and X70 were released. I loved both cameras but the thought of selling my loved X100t for a smaller unproven camera was a bit of a risk.

Last night I got one in hand and can tell you straight out that my gamble paid off. It is everything I hoped and wanted in an everyday pocket camera. It feels so good in hand and the lens is absolutely outstanding.

This is by no means meant to be a review or anything. Just excited and it does appear to be a home run for me and what I wanted in an every day, always with me camera.  Here are a few shots. Nothing meant to be photo book worthy but a good indication of just what this little pocket cam can be.









BTW – all shots were shot RAW, converted in camera and sent to phone for this post. These are not hi res samples. Just quick shots.

26 responses to “Fuji X70 – 1st shots with a production camera”

    • Thank you Victor. Those shots are all from the first 30 images so I am pretty certain the X70 and I will have a very good and long relationship.

  1. Thank you for sharing

    What kind of optical viewfinder is on the camera?
    What is your impression from the digital converter?
    Thank you and have fun with your new camera!

    • Thanks Titus. The view finder is a Voigtlander 28. It’s optical only for framing with no electronic connectivity. It works well though. I have not tried the digital converter yet but it is jpeg only, which for snapshots, doesn’t really bother me.

  2. Thanks for posting the shots and your thoughts. Do you/will you use this as a jersey pocket camera? Right now I stuff an uninspiring waterproof P&S back there when I’m unwilling to deal with my X-E2 slung across my body (like actual rough-n-bumpy mountain bike rides), and I’ve always found 28 to be the best “trail” focal length for me.

    How’s the weight/size for riding back there, and would you have worries about sweat? I just want to reach in with my gloved hand and start framing and shooting, not pull something out of a sheath.

    • Matthew, thanks for the comment and yes I will use this as a jersey pocket camera. When I do, I do wrap it to protect it a bit and insulate it a bit too. I have used a couple of different cloth wraps.

  3. Hi. Could you please update with some pictures “portrait style” with the digital teleconverter? I’m thinking about buyng one as a edc, but i’m afraid it falls down as a portrait camera…

    Thanks again, regards!

    • Jose thank you for the comment. I can tell you without pics that I doubt it will meet your needs as a “portrait style”. But I will try it in the TC mode as I am interested and post something either here or in a separate post! Thanks again.

      • Jose, I got a little distracted with the arrival of my X Pro 2. Let me see if I can snap a few portraits today with the X70!

  4. How is the optical viewfinder? Is it the Fuji one? Has it held up well as a biking camera? Love the shots you’ve taken! Great stuff all around!

    • Peder thanks for the comment. The viewfinder is a voigtlander that I had for my old GR V. It works well but does not snap into place so it moves a little bit in the hot shoe. Not bad if you are aware but it has fallen off in the bag and scratched my camera. Not a big deal to me but to some that is a big deal. Hope that helps.

      • Thanks much, Gnat! It seems to me like it’s an excellent pocket camera for the bike! Certainly not a need but really nice due to compactness and ability to grab a great photo with high quality. One more question, I am wondering about the manual mode and how well it works. Have you used it much? I enjoy manual and the extra composition time it takes that it’s an important feature to me. Would really like to know your thoughts! Have a good one and thanks again!

    • Cory thank you for the comment. The GR is an incredible camera. I have shot and broken 2 of them and both of them had dust issues. The main differentiating factor for me is the lens. I don’t like the mechanical opening/closing on the GR. The x70 lens with aperture ring doesn’t invite dust in and out every time you turn the camera on & off. That said some of my favorite pics ever have come from the GR. It is truly a powerful and special camera.

      • my exact reason for thinking of switching from the gr to the x70. I have broken 2 gr’s and this last time was the worst experience with a warranty repair ever. Hopefully i can sell it and get and x70 soon. thanks for sharing your photos.

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