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  • Spring Break 2016 – Steamboat Springs

    Spring Break 2016 – Steamboat Springs

    OK….Before you get started reading and checking out images, please know this is a family post. Meaning, I really don’t expect anyone to read it or view other than my family. With that out of the way, here goes. As I shared in an earlier post, my brother and his wife & family have a…

  • Fuji X70 – 1st shots with a production camera

    Fuji X70 – 1st shots with a production camera

    I gambled late December and sold both my Fuji X100t and XT1 so I could have cash in hand when the next Fuji X Pro 2 and X70 were released. I loved both cameras but the thought of selling my loved X100t for a smaller unproven camera was a bit of a risk. Last night…