Frostbike Bite


Seriously I am not dead. Just busy. Busy and good. Busy and blessed. It’s been a long two weeks with a family trip to MN’s North Shore and Frostbike (an industry event we put on each year) week. It’s still going too, but will end for me this coming Friday.  Yeah!

Frostbike took a bite out of me this year. I am feeling both the physical and mental exhaustion after this event. I think it was our best ever (I’ve been to 20+) of them. So great to see all my friends and industry partners. But…I am tired. I’ll be back later this week with some more images from MN’s North Shore, which is quite possibly my favorite place on this earth.

So…Until then I hope you all are getting out and enjoying life. I plan to do quite a bit of that this coming weekend.

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