One More Year

It’s been a year since I re opened, or re activated, this site. Before I get to thoughts and what’s to come, I renewed my domain name for yet another year so it looks like I am going to stick it out. I had almost 40,000 visitors last year. That’s not that many as I look back over my peak blog years. However, I am more than satisfied. This blog has really helped me process my thoughts as well as meet and stay connected to a much larger circle of friends with similar interests.  It’s also challenged me and allowed me to share my hobbies (cycling and photography) with people from all over the world. I feel blessed that folks have stopped by.

So….What’s in store for the coming year besides more of the same?

1) Focus – I almost didn’t renew my URL. I almost didn’t renew and honestly had thought about going off the social grid for a year to focus on me, my health and my family. I decided to keep going because of the reasons I share and to have a virtual form of accountability.

2) I don’t want to post just to post. I want good content. It may take longer. I hope to bring good images and good content. I am also not shooting as much and being more deliberate with when I take my camera out and shooting much more deliberately.

3) I think my one camera, one lens, one year project is pretty significant. So much so that I started a dedicated photography storytelling site to sort of document it. It will have similar content, but be focused on photography. This is still my site for my life and my primary digital location. If you care to follow along on my one camera, one lens, one year project, check it out here at  Fuji X 365. I will post there once or twice a month at most.

So…Now that that is out of the way, what have I been up too? I am continuing to focus my photography and learn the Fuji X100t. It is a fine, fine camera. Small and capable. I love it. I’ve also been riding a bit. Not enough but trying to get out on my fatbike. However, we haven’t had much snow and much of my thinking has been about my gravel bike for the season. I am getting excited and just about have all my spec for a new upcoming build. You’ll see it here first when the bike is done.

And with that, here are a few images from my recent rides.  Hope you enjoy them. Thanks again for a great year.

JB_January15_FujiX_8 JB_January15_FujiX_7 JB_January15_FujiX_6 JB_January15_FujiX_5 JB_January15_FujiX_4 JB_January15_FujiX_3 JB_January15_FujiX_2 JB_January15_FujiX_1

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