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OC/OL/OY Update

I’ve been suspiciously quiet since my last post about one camera, one lens for one year post, or OC/OL/OY for short. The honest answer is that I have been very, very busy and this challenge has me all messed up. That said, I am excited by it and it really is helping me de-clutter my photo gear collection, focus my attention and honestly, really challenge me to the core regarding what I think I want and what I truly need.

But….I have put some plans in motion now and it will require a major reshuffling. I’ve been cleaning up old photo gear as well as bike gear. Some of my stuff has just got to go to make room for moving forward.

Before I get into my true needs for photo gear, let me share what I have determined to my true needs for photo gear. Since my last post, I looked back over my last 4 years of photos. It was a fun experiment to see progression, but I also realized that at this point, I think I am able to coax good images out of most cameras and camera systems. The output I like at any given time really comes down to personal taste and for me, my mood.  This step really helped me.

  • I need a carry with me everywhere no matter what kind of camera. I also need a sports shooting camera for soccer.  Ideally both are APSC or larger sensor. Needs to have wifi transfer, good handling, great image quality and needs to not be too big or too heavy.
  • I’ve been in a week long battle with myself if I can find a single camera that meets those two requirements.

Where I settled was this – The tried and trued Fuji X100t. I finally replaced my 4 year old Fuji X100.


Obviously, this is no soccer shooter.  I have decided that I can’t be satisfied as a single camera shooter. This is going to be my primary camera I live with and sometime in April or so I may get something specific to shoot action and things like soccer. Before I get comments about “Really, a camera to shoot just soccer?”, please keep in mind I have 10 tournaments with my kids this coming season as well as weekly league play. Right now I am honestly thinking of going back to a dedicated DSLR with a zoom lens.

So….I am in a scramble to selling my other digital cameras and focus on this beauty. While I haven’t fully settled in yet with this camera, I have shot a few images. Here they are. All images shot RAW, converted to JPEG in camera, sent to my smartphone for processing using the fuji app, and put up here from my phone. How cool is that right? Anyway, here are a few pics. I plan to get out tomorrow AM as well for fat friday and coffee. Maybe I’ll get a few more!

2015_0116_08374700_2_resized 2015_0116_10111100_1_resized 2015_0116_16165300_1_resized

Gnat_FridayFat_Jan16_1_resized Gnat_FridayFat_Jan16_2_1_resized

Have a great Friday and a stellar weekend.

2 responses to “OC/OL/OY Update”

  1. I’ve settled into the X100T over the last month, which replaces yet another damaged Olympus body. Every day I am enjoying it more and more, as it disappears into my hands.

    I must admit that the necessity of owning only one bike has taught me to appreciate the familiarity that comes with experience. Like riding a friend’s bike that looks so capable but makes you feel like a newborn giraffe, one’s own bike is almost always the right bike, even when others think it is wrong. The single camera feels the same way, I would think, although I’ve not owned more than one at a time. As for beer? Variety is the essence of my interest (aside from the obvious).

    Interesting thoughts. Glad to see someone knows how to clean house and simplify. Excited to discover the new Fuji X 365 site. Always a pleasure to view your photography.

    • I saw that you went the Fuji route as well. I really am getting along well with it. It will be a great challenge. I did admit on one of the posts that I can’t commit to one due to shooting sports (I bought an xt1 for that) and special events but the x100t is with me everywhere else and all the time.

      Great hearing from you and keep up the life on two wheels. Always inspired by your travels.

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