Recovery And a Dog

A week has gone by here with no blog posts. Lots going on. I am mostly catching up at work and at home after being gone too long. I have honestly also been a little bit un inspired as I came home from an incredible trip to winter and I have been secretly protesting by doing nothing. That will end today as I expect to finally unpack my Surly ICT from the desert ramble and get it winterized. 


More importantly though meet Odie, our new dog. We got him from Good Karma Rescue here in MN. He’s a great dog and while I initially wasn’t big on the idea of another thing to manage when we travel, he has completely won me over.

I am also a little bit bummed that I will miss State CX today due to soccer games. I can’t wait to see what the other photographers capture and hear how my friends did. Good luck.  

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