My Twins’ 12th Birthday

This weekend we celebrated our twins’ 12th birthday. It’s actually tomorrow on the 6th, but we celebrated this weekend. Our weekend was filled with rain, wind, cold, cake decorating & eating, presents, food, fun, soccer, and bike riding. Phew! I am not going to write a lot but I am very proud of our two kids. They have an amazing gift of curiosity and laughter. They’ve really become incredible and inspiring humans.

GNAT_N&N 12Bday-9

The rest of this post is just fun images for friends and family.

GNAT_N&N 12Bday  GNAT_N&N 12Bday-8 GNAT_N&N 12Bday-7 GNAT_N&N 12Bday-6 GNAT_N&N 12Bday-5 GNAT_N&N 12Bday-4 GNAT_N&N 12Bday-3 GNAT_N&N 12Bday-2

What an incredible weekend with these to incredible kids.

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