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  • The last days of summer

    The last days of summer

    It’s hard to believe summer is over. It’s even harder to believe that my twins are off to middle school tomorrow!  Holy cow, where did the time go? This last week we crammed everything we could into summer. Friends. Bike riding. Family time. Swimming. More friends. It was glorious. I’ll be back talking about our…

  • Riding with my daughter

    Riding with my daughter

    This past few weeks have been amazing for me and for my family. Our schedule has been just slightly less than full tilt. I’ve been riding and preparing my gear for my fall fatbike tour. I’ve also been riding with my kids. This past week was also mountain bike camp/school for my kids. They spent…

  • Living Life

    I’ve mentioned before that my life is full. There is little down time in our family. That’s not a complaint. We try to make do with what we have been given. We are thankful for the opportunities we have and the people that have been put around us. All in all, we are having an…