The film dumping grounds

Recently, my desk at work has become the dumping grounds for film, old cameras and misc old photo gear that no one wants to deal with anymore. Honestly, I don’t mind one bit. In recent months I have been on the receiving end of a really nice old filter set, 35mm film, 12omm film, an old Yashica film camera, an Olympus Stylus epic zoom camera, and an old Holga. Sweet. Take a look for yourself!


When do I have time to use all this stuff? Great question really. Given that I’ve been enamored with shooting digital these days, it takes special days and moments to bring out film. Not long ago I grabbed a handful of film and loaded an expired roll of Fuji color film in each of my film cameras, a Yashica T4 point and shoot that I carry on my bicycle and my Contax G2. I threw the T4 in my jersey pocket and hit the country.

I really did not know what to expect. I had never shot whatever Fuji film I grabbed. It was also expired. I didn’t really care but I must say, I sure had fun and the results are better than I expected. The old film certainly has some color variations to it (look at the blacks, or what should be black). There is also a purple/violet color in some of the blue sky. Honestly, I don’t care. It is a fun way to look back. When I look beyond the color, I see images with much more depth and more “feel” to them. I love it. Nothing I’d present or anything that I am super proud of, but good enough where I’ll certainly do that again.

Here are a few snaps of the day. Taken on some expired roll of ASA 200 speed Fujifilm.

GNAT_yashicat4_expiredFuji GNAT_yashicat4_expiredFuji-7 GNAT_yashicat4_expiredFuji-6 GNAT_yashicat4_expiredFuji-5 GNAT_yashicat4_expiredFuji-4 GNAT_yashicat4_expiredFuji-3 GNAT_yashicat4_expiredFuji-2

After I scanned these, I threw my Contax G2 into my back pack. I gotta get through another roll or two.

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