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  • Ride Stoke

    Ride Stoke

    Sometimes pictures say more than words. This picture may be my personal favorite shot of the year and I just want to share it. Get out and enjoy your weekend.

  • A lotta Friday Ride Stoke

    A lotta Friday Ride Stoke

    My friend John told me last night that he needed a little Friday Ride Stoke to kick this coming week off. So….Given I am in the mountains today I figured I’d share more than one ride stoke from Utah. How about a lotta Friday Ride Stoke? I took these images over the last couple of…

  • Friday Ride Stoke – 1 mile

    Friday Ride Stoke – 1 mile

    I am back today with a Friday Ride Stoke entry. I’ve been riding quite a bit more and while I may not have something super for every Friday, I certainly plan to post Friday Ride Stokes when I do.  Today is one of my favorites. I call it 1-Mile.  I have ridden past this spot countless…

  • Friday Ride Stoke

    One more picture from California. This is at dusk outside of Idylwild, California. We started heading out at dusk. This shot is just below the Speed of Light Deflector. Love the color and depth in the sky. Riding sweet singletrack doesn’t hurt either! Have a great one. I’ll be back next week with more from…

  • Friday Ride Stoke

    Today’s message is simple. Go find that road that you haven’t been on and you don’t know where it leads. Find out where it goes. Learn something new. Have a great day and weekend folks.