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I got back from my place of employments annual event in Utah. SaddleDrive is a private event showing off new products from our brands as well as some other select vendors. It’s my 4th trip to Utah for this event and while the event was likely the best, it lacked a few things for me, mainly riding and the quirky feeling of downtown Ogden, Utah as the event was based out of Layton rather than Ogden.

That said, it was an incredible trip filled with good coffee, bikes and great people. All things I love and want more of in my life. I brought my full pro camera set up with the intent of capturing some good stuff. I really didn’t use it that much, but here are a few images to show you what my week was like.  I think it was a huge success.  Hope you enjoy.

Classic Americana

Classic Americana

A curious passenger

A curious passenger

A little PBR at the All-City Party

A little PBR at the All-City Party

Big views on a big bike, the Salsa Bucksaw

Big views on a big bike, the Salsa Bucksaw

Ogden Overlook with my buddy John

Ogden Overlook with my buddy John

Make that a triple...No I did not order that!

Cafe D’Bolla – I picked up some small batch roasted coffee here

Make that a triple...Don't worry I did not order that!

Make that a triple…Don’t worry I did not order that! Farr’s Ice Cream in Ogden, Utah.

That’s a wrap. Time to start planning Saddle Drive 2015!

4 comments on “Utah – The whole week in one post

  1. Will says:

    These are great images! What were you shooting with on this trip?

    1. Gnat says:

      Thank you!!!

      I used 2 cameras on this trip. Images 1,2,4,5 & 7 are from my main camera the Olympus OMD EM1. The others are from a Leica M digital.

  2. Zach says:

    Gnat! I represent Farr’s Ice Cream and I am interested in using your images from the store. If I give you credit for the images, would you be comfortable with me using them in our social media posts?

    1. Gnat says:

      Zach thanks for the comment. I don’t mind social (thank you for asking) use but please no commercial use without working something out. See you again in July when I come out there.

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